25 thoughts on “Unofficial F1 2011 Season Review HD

  1. bwchudy95

    I love this video and I LOVE F1!!!!!! Its funny how despite the fact that cars are now getting slower rather than fastes, many circuits are crap and have miles of tarmac runoff, and many other bad things that are going on in F1, now still feels´╗┐ like one of the best eras of the sport. I dont think there has been as many great personalities on the grid ever before, only Button would make f1 worth watching

  2. XXXbohiviviXXX

    It’s´╗┐ amazing!!This is a very good musical soundtracks …. touched me!
    Only 92 days left until the season opener.

  3. joshfergo

    @jsfvideo214 Still excellent video, surprised´╗┐ they aint used this for the official video because its that good work! You should do highlights of every race next year too ­čśŤ

  4. Mcquiz91

    If you had waited enough to put Abu Dhabi and Brazil in there then this already amazing video would have been even better.´╗┐

  5. FSXSuperboy

    That was wonderful. I also want to see something like that after the 2012 Season, please!´╗┐ =)

  6. jsfvideo214

    @joshfergo Yeah, I cut it before Abu´╗┐ Dhabi and Brazil, so didn’t have the footage to include it

  7. joshfergo

    The only thing I wish you done more of, the Dubai race and a´╗┐ bit of Lewis and his Mum. ­čÖé Otherwise EXCELLENT VIDEO! <3

  8. FF7ACII

    You, my man…are awesome! I’d like to video edit something like that soon, if only I had´╗┐ the vast resources available. Huge respect for you! Thumbs up! ­čśÇ

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