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Felipe Massa Optimistic About The Upcoming Season

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Felipe Massa intends to participate in the next year’s formula one championship. Felipe Massa was excluded from the Ferrari team after the 2013 season. He joined team Williams for the 2014 season.

Massa got the seventh place in this year’s Formula one standings.  The total number of laps led by him and his total points he got this year were his highest since the 2010 season and his contribution helped team Williams get the third place in F1 constructor’s championship. In the 2014 season, it seemed that the star of Massa’s driving team was Valteri Bottas, who is younger than Massa, but Massa still thinks that his performance level is high enough.

Felipe Massa said that certain things happened at the beginning of this year’s season which were responsible for him not being able to achieve good results. Massa said that though the start of this year’s championship has not been one that he likes but he is happy with the way the season ended. He said that he is happy with the second part of this season and he also said that he is excited about the next year’s competition. Massa is hopeful of performing better in the upcoming year’s competition. He also hopes that the car for the next season will be better. According o Massa, they will be aiming at winning throughout the next season and also becoming victorious in the next year’s Formula one championship. Massa said that he has been able to get the second place in the last race and he is hopeful of competing in the interlagos and also in Abu Dhabi next year having a chance to participate in the next year’s F1 championship.

Massa being so positive about the upcoming season may be regarded by some as being overambitious but according to him, it is possible that his team, Williams will be able to achieve great results in the upcoming season.