Massa To Get Revamped Cars

With Massa deciding to postpone his retirement, there is much hue and cry about the kind of car he would be driving and how his performance will be in the coming season.

His performance chief has much to say about the cars he would be driving and how he is preparing himself for the new season ahead. Rob Smedley commented that he feels revamped cars would suit the driving style that Felipe flaunts naturally. 2017 cars will be having revamped features which many of the drivers would choose for their ride.

Massa was in the news when he decided to announce his retirement, but he consequently postponed the decision. That is because Valtteri Bottas decided to join the Mercedes team and hence, Massa will be taking over his position in Grove team, continuing to drive in his fourth consecutive season.

The opening week for the pre season was a frustrating one but the Grove team has showcased impressive mileage in the last four days and hence, this team looks to be the best after the Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. That is how the line up would be as the opening week comes up in Melbourne.

Smedley on the other hand, is thinking about the cars that would suit Massa’s style so that he can be given the best vehicles to recover the position of the team. Faster and wider rides would help Massa get back in form as he showcased back in 2008. At that time the world championship title was something that slipped out from his grasp. Smedley talks about the cars that are being developed for the current season. They are designed to be similar to the ones that Massa drove and was successful in. For instance the car model he drove in 2008 had wide front tires and grip was good for the turns. This is something that the newer models do not come with. It could also be a reason Massa has struggled with his performance in consecutive years.