25 thoughts on “F1 2011 Felipe Massa Crazy Lap in Wet Monza [HD]

  1. MegaErlys

    Porra como é ki tu posta um video do teu detonado sem audio, porra, dei uma olhada porque era do felipe massa.

  2. 666unnamedfreak666

    Nice driving, but please explain me one thing.
    Why didn’t you use the the throttle (when accelerating out of a corner) a bit less? instead of pushing it all at once just slowly accelerate, less sliding then.
    I can be wrong tho, I’ve never played rFactor, only gtr2 :p

  3. destroypls

    @PashalisGergis have you ever try this mod without TC? u can’t make a good lap without tc i think but if i wrong i want to see a video about your drive.

  4. PashalisGergis

    Lmfao you are using TC and u are causing wheelspin to call this ” crazy ” ? How dumb that video was..

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