25 thoughts on “F1 2011 – Ex-drivers on Hamilton and Massa feud

  1. blaugrani1

    so when massa did something wrong you’re like:omfg he is such a retard.and when hamilton was wrong you’re saying that he didn’t mean it?
    LOL give it a break

  2. guitargamery

    lolol totally agreed, Lewis is a bit to aggressive and thats why he dont win more races with the car that he have..and thats why mclaren just fired him

  3. Callum Kirkpatrick

    sammy…you are a retard, you dont pass on the kerbs at lowes, hamilton is a fanny…end of

  4. cfriedel123

    Except for the last incident, where Massa turned into him, Hamilton was largely at fault for these. Monaco he could have slowed down and went after him later that lap (the complex coming out of the tunnel) . The rest were obvious. I wonder what kind of season Hamilton is going to have next year at Mercedes when he is in the middle of the pack and behind Rossberg.

  5. latin1988AC

    Agreed with everything apart from Monaco. Remember what Senna said? He went for pass, Massa turned too early. Look at the other cars in front.

  6. XxnikixxbluexX

    Monaco – clearly Lewis’ fault, thats a risky place to overtake, one of the tightest hairpins on the calendar, Hamilton needed to be further ahead to make that move stick.
    Silverstone – Risky move by both, risky for Massa to take but Hamilton should’ve realised his defensive manoeuvre was very aggressive. But racing incident nonetheless.
    Singapore – Silly move by Hamilton.
    Japan – Hamilton turned in on Massa, Massa held his line but not to big of a deal.
    India – bad judgement by Massa

  7. lukewill783

    watch the race again! Schumi goes for the overtake on Lewis at the hairpin, lewis leaves space and both drivers successfully get through the corner. Later on in the race Lewis tries to overtake schumi at Sainte Devote and Schumi leaves space. Again both drivers get through the corner without incident. Later in the race Lewis tries to overtake Massa at the hairpin, massa turns in aaaaand crash.

  8. Dirk Digler

    In Monaco –
    Look at the lines the cars infront took. Then look how shallow Massa took the corner. Never had the intention of taking the racing line, only to cut Hamilton off.
    If Massa had some ability he would of held a wider line and got the inside to the next two corners rather than deliberately taking a shallow line and causing an accident.

  9. Spectral24Agony

    same thing, im a hamilton fan but massa is probably one of the kindest drivers out there next to button, it just makes lewis seem like a massive tosser…

  10. scotty686

    I’m a huge Hamilton fan, but I’ve got to admit he comes across as a massive cock in comparison to the rather likeable Massa.

  11. alcohkid

    not massa’s fault at any angle at all at monaco… stop acting like a critic you dipshit beacuse you sound like a fool

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