Ferrari F1 boss rubbishes claims of drivers’ departure

Formula One giants Ferrari F1 and their president Luca Di Montezemolo has refuted claims that the team’s star drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen could both leave the team at the of the season as they seek better opportunities to compete for the Formula One Drivers’ Championship.

Alonso has managed just two finishes on the podium in the eleven races of the 2014 season so far whereas the Finn Raikkonen has not even been able to achieve that with his best finish coming at sixth.

The failure of the team to produce a car capable of winning races and challenging for the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships has led to growing speculations that the two drivers will move on from the team before the start of the 2015 season.

But according to di Montezomolo, there is no basis to these claims before adding that the team is very lucky to have two great drivers in the form of Alonso and Raikkonen and the entire team is working together to make Ferrari F1 competitive once again.

Raikkonen left Lotus F1 at the end of last season to re-join the team where he won the Formula One Drivers’ Championship in 2007. However, he has managed to pick up just 27 points from the eleven races so far, amid reports that he could quit the sport entirely and retire before 2015.

Alonso is also frustrated at the failure of the team to provide a competitive car and has been linked with a return to his former team McLaren F1, but he has a contract with the Scuderia outfit till 2016.

Ferrari F1 last won the Constructors’ Championship back in 2008 and has since then, not been able to recover their glory days and will be looking at these two to lead them back to the top.

Bianchi Tops Ferrari F1 Test

Bianchi has reportedly topped the last day of Ferrari Formula One testing at the prestigious Silverstone track. It was his first ever experience with Ferrari T F14.

The junior Ferrari driver was called in by Ferrari as a replacement for Raikkonen as the Finnish driver met with an unfortunate crash on inaugural lap of Brit Grand Prix. The unexpected Ferrari T F14 ride proved to be a milestone for the Frenchman as he impressively upped to the timesheet top before an hour, outpacing Daniil Kvyat from Scuderia by simply under 3/10th of one second. Bianci was running for Marussia.

Magnussen (Kevin) came up on the 3rd position – he was 5/10th behind Daniil and Sauber reserve F1 driver Giedo got on the 4th position. However, Giedo had a dangerous ending as he met with a huge crash on later part of the day resulting in the breakdown of guardrail. Fortunately, the driver did not receive any serious injury from the crash.

In the 5th position, there is Lewis Hamilton. Unfortunately he too faced a delay in the first half of the day as he rushed off towards Stowe that even led to red flagging of the session. Albeit, there wasn’t much significant damage as per Hamilton’s team yet Lewis was found nowhere in the track for a long time.

Bottas (Valtteri) was the 6th man for Williams racing ahead of Marussia F1 driver Chilton who also triggered red flag after a halt just as he rolled out from garage. The 8th place went to Force India 3rd driver Juncadella who was running ahead of Vettel’s (Sebastian) Red Bull. Charles Pic came to the 10th place after completing fourteen laps with Pirelli’s 18” experimental tyres. The slowest one in the race was GP2 driver Julian Leal.

Afraid of Mercedes!!

Jenson button is afraid of Mercedes that before the F1 summer break Mercedes might be facing minor opponents to their present supremacy.

Mercedes has been leading in all the way. Till now they have trampled the opponent, winning all the four battle triumph and poles with Rosberg and Hamilton at the controls.

For this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix all the squads have brought updates for their cars at Barcelona judging that they have sealed the hole.

Button considers that it could be very tough for other teams to catch Mercedes’, who have been in such a benefit over the first four battles, that not even at the Catalunya or at the coming Grand prix in the month of august, they would catch them. Button uttered that till now there is no rival for the Mercedes as they are leading in all the way.

Apart from Red bull that has been very sturdy in Monaco it is going to be very tough for others to confront Mercedes for the coming races, as said by Button. He also added further that Mercedes will be trying to improve their car and throughout the year they will continue to develop. Though they are trying their level best to catch up but Mercedes are not going to stop from.

Five years before when the conditions were quite different Button believed that whatever he had achieved in the past years to maintain that momentum is very difficult as the time has passed on. Button whispered that though he is racing against his team member it would be very tough for him in the path. To defeat your own teammate is very hard because he knows that they are making an attempt to do in the race. It becomes very intricate to do a tactic in the contest. Beside this he is looking to do a fine job.