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Claire Williams has admitted that she was not happy she asked Felipe Massa to reverse his earlier decision as regarding retirement from Formula 1, which he did to be a replacement for Mercedes bound Valtteri Bottas.

In December, Williams called Massa just after his visit to the factory for the team’s Christmas party. But he was delighted to return because he had retired primarily because he was aware he would not find a top-ride. He had not retired because he wanted to leave F1.

In an interview, William said;

“Felipe had announced his retirement, we had a whole fanfare around it, and then to have to phone your ex-driver up and say ‘would you mind coming out of retirement?’, you feel quite bad about it. But I’ve never heard anyone so happy and excited, so it was a big relief for us.”

According to William, they would never put a driver in the car if they do not believe he can deliver. But as everyone saw it even in his last race, Felipe is still motivated enough to compete in any race. She believes that Felipe still had enough strength left in him to face the rigors of the track. Continue reading


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After the games in Abu Dhabi this weekend, Felipe Massa has said he would be going into retirement.

One thing he would terribly miss however, is the thrill of driving a Formula One car, one which he calls “the most incredible car in the world”.

Massa, who was the runner-up in the drivers’ championship back in 2008 will be saying goodbye to the sport after the races this weekend in Abu Dhabi. The racer who currently is 35 years of age has decided that it was time to go and is “proud” of his decision.

In his final Friday practice sessions, he finished as the ninth and tenth fastest respectively in the Williams and it is his hope that he would garner some points on Sunday to help him go out on a high.

Massa, who said he would miss a lot of things in Formula 1, insisted that the main thing he would miss is the cars.

“I will miss many things in Formula 1, [mostly] I will miss driving the most incredible car in the world,” he told team sponsor Martini. Continue reading

Money Not Important For Massa

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Felipe Massa recently said that money is not the significant factor when it comes to negotiating on the deal to continue in next season’s Formula 1.

By the end of this year, the contract period with Williams will come to an end. However, he is very much keen to stay and continue working with his team beyond this season. Although, there is no confirmation on the extension of his contract period, Massa is quite hopeful that things will take good shape for him. His focus is not on the financial package that will be offered in the new contract. Whether the contract is with Williams or any other team, he will stick to his statement. Under no circumstances will money overpower his decisions.

The racer has never raced considering money as the main factor. He always took part in races thinking about the exciting and positive outcomes. It is such a good feeling to come out of the race as a winner, especially when you see the audience applauding for you. Massa strongly believes that if there is a growth opportunity, he will certainly consider it keeping aside the financial aspect. The racer has made a whole lot of money in his career, which was beyond his imagination. Hence, money should not be the prime issue which would stop him from continuing in the next season.
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Felipe Massa’s Son Takes On The Virtual Tracks

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Felipe Massa has had a good start this year when he finished fifth in the Australian race.

That was followed by him finishing sixth in the race that was held in China and finally, when he finished in the fifth position in Australia. Bottas on the other hand, with more focus and expectations, building up in him, have been able to finish in the eighth position in Australia and tenth in China which was the most recent race. Indeed, races are a matter of fortune as much as they are about skill and expertise that the drivers develop over years of racing.

Being part of the Formula I definitely put a lot of pressure on the racers who need to stay on top form and practice even when off the tracks. Massa has definitely been honing similar skills in his son.

With Felipe is starting off 2016 on a favorable note in race tracks around the world, his son has been taking the virtual driver seat in games like Razor Crazy Carts. With real time racing drivers being racing opponents in this game, Filipinho, Massa’s seven years old, beat Daniel Ricciardo in the game. Continue reading

Felipe Massa admits Ferrari is faster than Williams

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Williams F1 driver Felipe Massa has conceded that the Ferrari F1 team is much faster than his team after losing out to Sebastian Vettel in the race to finish behind the two pace setting Mercedes cars at the season opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne last weekend.

The Brazilian was caught behind Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo and was passed by the much faster Vettel on lap 20 and eventually finished fourth behind the German by four seconds. Massa said that Ferrari did have the quicker car but he also said that he would have kept Vettel behind him if not for the time he lost behind Ricciardo.

Massa said that it is true that Ferrari did have a little advantage in terms of pace, not more than one-tenths of a second, but it is difficult to be absolutely sure about it. He added that however, being in the front was the best way to go about it because it was not an easy track to overtake on.

Felipe Massa mentioned that it was not nice to lose the position like that but he added that it was just the first race of the season and that they are still in with a fighting chance. He said that the Williams F1 team knows that the Ferrari is better and are more competitive than last season and so, the championship will not be easy and will be more competitive. The team is in with a fight but it would have been better to have more points on the board. Continue reading